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Who We Serve

We Serve Walton, Okaloosa & Surrounding Counties

Property Owners

  Unlike most permit expeditors, we service property owners trying to get permits and development approvals for their properties. We understand that plan reviews, building permits, and development processes can be a daunting task for property owners who are not familiar with the field. We work closely with property owners to obtain building permits, pool permits, lot splits, land use changes, and various other planning and development related projects. Whether in the initial stages or near the end of the project, we can help.


  Permit runner, permit expeditor, courier, whatever you prefer to call it, we do it. We handle permits and plan reviews including gathering the necessary documents, completing forms, submitting to local planning and building departments, and ensure the process continues smoothly. We offer a variety of permit services for contractors from plan review submittals to full permit services, which includes handling your permits all the way to C/O. No more running back and forth for stormwater letters, Elevation Certificates, utility forms or other necessary paperwork. We can handle it for you.  Contractor rates and retainer services are available. 


   Whether you are new to development or experienced and looking for someone to handle the development process, we can help. From new subdivisions to new commercial developments, we can help. We also help coordinate all the necessary outside agencies to obtain the necessary information and documents for the project, such as environmental studies, surveys, engineered analysis and more. We work closely with a variety of experienced professionals to ensure your project runs smoothly and gets approved quickly. 


   We offer a variety of services to new and existing businesses to include development orders, licensing, and permits. Whether it is a home occupation or a large retail business, we can assist with the permit and licensing acquisitions for businesses. From sign permits to business licenses, we help ensure all bases are covered. 

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